Allen Koester

Mitch Medford

At Bloodshed Motors, we will pioneer the world’s first class of Lightning Rods  by taking the most legendary  cars of all time and infusing them with insanely powerful all electric propulsion, inspired by the record setting White Zombie (aka "Patient Zero").  Next, we enhance them with state of the art suspension and braking and embed cool new technology.   You dream it, we build it, now.... Get Turned, or Get Burned. 

John Wayland

Creator of the White Zombie, electric drag legend (aka street cred) and all around electric propulsion powerhouse. They say he's powered by batteriesmaybe a pace maker).


We’re committed to producing the baddest, coolest, fastest vintage muscle cars in the world, all electric, all the timeWe call them Lightning Rods




What  is a Lightning Rod

A marriage of vintage classic & electric power



You've dreamed of having your cake and eating it too. Now you can. The timeless beauty of American Muscle blended with lithium fueled electric power. 

In the 60's, Racing Legend Carroll Shelby took a stock mustang and infused it with state of the art performance technology of the time. This produced the legendary Shelby GT500.

We are taking this idea forward with 21st century state of the art performance.

Joe Mann

If it is high tech, he has it, but it's never good enough until he mods it up a bit. He is also never wrong (unless you ask Allen).

Project manager, good with a wrench but more importantly, Joe is also known as "Captain Safety" The hardest job at the Blood Shed.

Owner, big idea guy and serial entrepreneur. Loves bad ass cars of any type and writes a lot of checks. Wait... all of them so far (married to an amazingly cool (aka tolerant wife).

Mild mannered owner of Austin Electric by day, master mechanic super hero by night. He is the strong silent type who is never wrong (just ask him).

Jack Lapenta