It was the night before Christmas and at the Blood Shed
No one was bleeding and no one was dead

All the sockets were placed in the toolbox with care
In hopes that the Snap on truck soon would be there

The shop guys were nestled all snug in their beds
with visions of superchargers dancing in their heads

When out in the driveway there arose such a clatter
The best mechanic yelled what the hell is the matter

It sounds like a motor about to throw a rod
It's over souped-up with one too many a mod

We ran out the door to where we heard that sound
It was the Snap on truck, it had just broke down

We couldn't believe it, it just couldn't be right
No tools would be delivered, what a sad sad night

We had to do something, this just couldn't abide
The motor heads of the world would not be denied

Get the mig welder, the torch and some steel
We have a date with destiny and that's for real

With logging chains and hooks and massive steel bars
We fabricated a harness made for seven cars

I yelled to crew let's hurry, we all have to hustle
Go grab all the keys and let's unleash the muscle

We fired up the monsters and then chained them to the truck
We yelled to the driver, get rolling and we wish you good luck

Go Charger, go Cuda, so Judge and Corvette
Go TransAm, go Cutless and wait for the the best yet

We chained up the Shelby and let them all roar
With tires all screaming and pedals to the floor

The truck took off and the tools would be delivered
The Blood Shed saved the day, now who would have figured

As the truck roared away pulled by Detroit might
The driver yelled to all a Merry Christmas and to all a Snappy night